36 Commits (b11991695f9d9ee31adf9d25989d779bbe778a63)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Lang b11991695f chg: dev: refactor legacy code on frontend - later it will be react #8 10 months ago
  Lang 8090a7c8ac chg: dev: add api-platform and upgrade yarn packages and its dependencies #8 10 months ago
  Lang 79c35d57ad chg: dev: upgrade symfony to 5 #8 10 months ago
  Lang 072737f4c4 chg: dev: remove SonataAdminBundle from the project #8 10 months ago
  Laszlo Lang 1396d55db5 chg: dev: the deploy script was changed #1 1 year ago
  Lang f83531d316 chg: dev: upgrade webpack encore and remove unnecessary dependencies #1 1 year ago
  Lang f414ab91ed Merge branch 'master' of amee:SplendidBear/SplendidBearWebsites 1 year ago
  Lang b6ca691ec3 deploy version 0.3.1 !deploy #1 1 year ago
  Lang c7e2c9181e chg: dev: doc refactor #1 1 year ago
  Lang 9aef77cba9 fix: dev: deprecation error in Repository #1 1 year ago
  Lang 776aa8f2d5 chg: dev: yarn upgrade #1 1 year ago
  Lang cda3b2ed85 chg: dev: composer upgrade and fix jms error #1 1 year ago
  Laszlo Lang 7cce25f852 deploy version 1.20.4-20181125 #1 2 years ago
  Laszlo Lang f09616a48f bugfix for typos on main site #1 2 years ago
  Laszlo Lang af7d8220e7 bugfix image config typo #1 2 years ago
  Laszlo Lang 4d59ada602 add monolog bundle && composer update && improve deploy script #1 2 years ago
  Laszlo Lang 61b0dc68fe add cs sub-page && add server checker #7 2 years ago
  Lang a78ccba60f add new release && bugfix for deploy script && add debugger #1 2 years ago
  Laszlo Lang 6f854e4a34 add fb meta tags #3 2 years ago
  Laszlo Lang 2258990e88 deploy version 1.14.1-20180821 #1 2 years ago
  Laszlo Lang f2456bdd3b composer update #1 2 years ago
  Laszlo Lang bf4642cbf0 add projects from database on frontend #4 2 years ago
  Laszlo Lang 2306b12ef4 add media type to project entity #5 2 years ago
  Laszlo Lang 9c5e127b57 add project entity #4 2 years ago
  Laszlo Lang 4e8da233a1 remove not working media bundle #5 2 years ago
  Laszlo Lang 2621c2532e deploy version 1.10.0-20180819 #1 2 years ago
  Laszlo Lang d6a2e5a10d add deploy script #1 2 years ago
  Laszlo Lang 6dd5ad9829 improve graph design on home #3 2 years ago
  Laszlo Lang 4dc56e473d improve txt on home #3 2 years ago
  Laszlo Lang 627b836e31 add first - static - one-page home #3 2 years ago
  Laszlo Lang 734bbaa631 add homepage && add style and js root && add css autoprefixer to yarn #3 2 years ago
  Laszlo Lang fd32e4c8fd add Webpack Encore to the project #3 2 years ago
  Laszlo Lang f7d57444f4 improve sonata admin settings - change default pics && versioning && closes #2 2 years ago
  Laszlo Lang 4dd2f208ab add the necessary sonata bundles #2 2 years ago
  Laszlo Lang 65ef0266a4 add default libs #1 2 years ago
  Laszlo Lang f32ba29e50 initialize project 2 years ago